Paris Seminars & Walking Tours

Virtual Seminars in January:

Wednesday, January 13 @ 1pm EST (19h CET):

Hemingway, Storytelling, and Paris 

Friday, January 15 @ 3pm EST (21h CET):

Voltaire, Rousseau & Camus: An Intellectual History of Paris’ Latin Quarter  

Sunday, January 17 @ 5pm EST (23h CET):

Paris’ Latin Quarter and Post-Modern Ideas: Existentialists, Situationists, & May 1968 

Wednesday, January 21 @ 5pm EST (23h CET):

The Enlightenment in the City of Lights: Voltaire & Rousseau 

Wednesday, January 28 @ 5pm EST (23h CET):

Paris’ Latin Quarter and Post-Modern Ideas: Existentialists, Situationists, & May 1968

Virtual Seminars in February:

Friday, February 5 @ 1pm (19h CET):

James Baldwin and the City of Lights 

Wednesday, February 10 @ 5pm (23h CET):

War Heroes, Jazz, and Existentialists: Black Americans in Paris 

Note: If you can’t attend the live seminar for some reason, you’ll still have access to a high-quality recording for 1-week!


I offer 3 specialist walking tours of Paris (details below) as well as a more laid-back “B-Side Tour” of some of my favorite areas in Paris (details below). The price for each tour is 100 Euros/person. I offer a group discount for groups of four or more (75 each).

Each walking tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours (unless otherwise requested), and this includes a coffee/wine/cognac break on a terrace (drinks not included in pricing).

VIRTUAL TOURS/LECTURES: Given the current global situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, I also offer private lectures via Zoom about history, literature, and Paris.


Ernest Hemingway & The Lost Generation

Although this tour follows in Hemingway’s footsteps, it also gives credence to those who paved his way. From the narrow streets around Place Monge where he first began to write true sentences to Hemingway’s literary awakening beneath the skies of the Luxembourg Gardens, our path leads us to the original location of Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare & Company and finally Gertrude Stein’s apartment, where she welcomed some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. During this 2.5 hour tour, we explore the ways in which Hemingway and his compatriots shaped modern literary history while also discussing the age-old questions of the differences between the man, the myth, and the legend.

The Nazi Occupation

This tour begins in the Latin Quarter and ends in the Marais. As a specialist in Holocaust Studies with a degree in the psychology of genocide, my interest is as much in the stories behind Parisian addresses during the Occupation as it is about the history of the Holocaust. From the story of a young diarist named Hélène Berr who watched Europe’s descent into madness firsthand to the haunted lobby of the Hotel Lutetia, this tour is as much about the Occupation’s most infamous sites as it is about the story of the deadliest war in human history. Starting in the Latin Quarter at the Rue de Buci, where a little-known Luftwaffe officer saved the lives of jazz musicians, we end our walk next to the Holocaust memorials on the Ile de La Cité and the Marais.

An Intellectual History of the Left Bank

Paris’ Left Bank is one of the most important areas in world history. From the Enlightenment philosophers who helped inspired the French Revolution to Gertrude Stein, James Baldwin, Simone de Beauvoir, and the Existentialists, this tour is designed for clients interested in the history of Modern European Thought. In this tour we cover the Enlightenment, Modernism, and Existentialism via some of the most famous cafés, residences, and streets in modern history. Whether it is discussing Gertrude Stein’s influence on Hemingway’s in the Luxembourg Gardens to discussing Existentialism where it was borne at the Cafe de Flore, you will leave this tour with a better appreciation for what is arguably the most important city in the world for the way we think today.

James Baldwin & The City of Lights

James Baldwin spent much of his life in France, but few people know about his early days in Paris. On this walk, we will cover Baldwin’s discovery of France, his writing style and philosophy, and his important and famous feud with fellow Paris-based author Richard Wright on the Boulevard Saint Germain. From his conversations in the Latin Quarter with the Existentialists to stories about his travels to Switzerland and the South of France, this walking tour is both a story of James Baldwin’s life in France as well as a walking discussion of his essential contribution to the Civil Rights movement and American letters.

Paris B-Sides: The Walking Tour You Won’t Find in A Guide

The French verb flâner is my favorite word in any language. It means to meander, to stroll, to walk without direction. This walking tour is not for history buffs because it is not your typical walk based on historical facts and addresses. Instead, this tour is based on my love for the secrets of the city, secrets that only a flâneur can discover, that individual who chooses to surrender him/her/themselves to where the wind takes them. While we will of courese learn about the history of the city, we may also find ourselves talking about music or literature or philosophy in a park or on the river or on the canal or in a café. The goal with the Paris B-Sides tour is to share my love for getting lost in this city with those who are also seeking out adventure.

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